On 19.10.2019 K-POP Baltic Festival Dance competition revealed the best of the best.

KoreaInspires.com with support of King Sejong Institute Riga and Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Latvia held Korea Baltic Festival 2019 (or KBF2019) on Saturday 19.10.2019. Guests from all over the Baltics were able to enjoy spectacular Taekwondo show by HANSU, unforgettable dance performances by magnificent dance teams like DOZA Dance Studio, K.O.T. Cafe Dance Team, D&T CREW and OMBY Dance Studio, and of course cheer for the favorite teams in K-POP Dance Contest. In addition festival fair provided guests and participants with delicious Korean food and drinks and K-POP idol merchandise all event long.

Over 60 dance teams (solos, duos and groups) applied to the contest and 44 finalist teams performed on the live stage of K-POP Dance Contest. Invited judges "Trash" (Lithuania), Alina (Latvia) and Helis (Estonia) decided the faith of prizes in three categories:

Solo Category:
1st place - 4nti-Art
2nd place - Cookie
3rd place - ViVi

Duo Category:
1st place - Stay Cool
2nd place - Splash Team
3rd place - 4AM

Group Category:
1st place - KpopDOZA
2nd place - K.O.T. Cafe
3rd place - UJU

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