Sejong Culture Academy events about the Hanbok (한복) were held on August 28 and 29 for two days.

Riga King Sejong Institute is an organization that promotes Korean language and culture.

Sponsored by the King Sejong Foundation in Korea ( a Sejong Culture Academy events about the hanbok (한복 - Korean traditional dress) were held on August 28 and 29 for two days.

About 30 students from the Riga King Sejong Institute enjoyed the event.

Photography by KSI Riga

Professor Ms. Lee Young-Hye of Hanbok Promotion Center ( and hanbok (한복) designer Ms. Kim Jae-Yeon came from Korea to give lectures. The ambassador Mr. Han Seong-Jin of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Latvia was also attending and gave the speech.

On the 28th participants learned about the history of Korean hanbok, and tried making hanbok accessory – daenggi (댕기), a traditional decorated ribbon for braided hair. As well as, students played some traditional Korean games – everybody enjoyed dancing hand in hand traditional Korean dance Ganggangsullae (강강술래), and playing Biseokchigi (비석치기) game. The game was played in teams and all the players received souvenirs (ornaments matching hanbok and beautiful hanbok postcards).

Photography by KSI Riga

On the 29th, there was a lecture on manners of wearing a hanbok. Students learned how to wear hanbok and also how to make a formal bow and a traditional Korean New Year’s greeting. Afterwards everybody got a chance to wear their own hanbok and take beautiful hanbok photos creating heartwarming memories for a long time. After the event all the participants also had delicious Korean food at Korean restaurant Soraksan.

Photography by KSI Riga